The Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear Programme

Since we started our fear of flying courses in 1997, we have been very popular with the media. There are not many courses that we run without a media representative there.  We think it is important that all nervous flyers know that there is help available to them from Virgin Atlantic Airways.
If you are from the media and would like to cover our course, we would love to hear from you.  Please call our press office.

Sky and Captain ‘Sully’ Interview

Kay Burley joined us with Captain JJ Burrows in one of our amazing pilot training simulators to understand how well pilots are trained.  Kay interviewed Sully before she joined us and she even had a go at flying herself!  Link is here

Rip Off Britain

This programme is fantastic at finding people being ripped off and sorting it out. They also do good news stories. They filmed one of our courses recently at Heathrow so look out for that on the programme.  Friday 6th January 2017, 0915 BBC.

Radio interview

Somebody joined us recently on our fear of flying course at Manchester. Have a listen here as several people are interviewed during the course and some of the team comment on fear of flying too.

Guardian Article – Alex Preston

Snippet…It’s been a bad year for aviophobes. About 30% of us find air travel anything from faintly disconcerting to unutterably terrifying, as we pore over reports of near-misses and midair collisions and watch episodes of Air Crash Investigation through clenched fingers. A smaller number won’t be tempted on to an aeroplane for all the riches of Richard Branson, certain that, whatever statistics say, humans simply weren’t meant to be rattling through the air in a malodorous tin can, five miles above the safety of solid ground. Aviophobia is pervasive and, it would seem, growing; we’re flying more than ever, but that doesn’t mean we like it…

Rest of article:


Channel 4 Fear of Flying ‘Caught on Camera’

We were interviewed as experts on fear of flying for the programme that ran 18th November 2013 on Channel 4.  There are some disturbing images mixed in with the programme so be warned when you watch it. Having said that, there are some good bits in it too. You should still be able to watch it on catch up.


Blog link here with a nice article full of tips.  This was written by us and the team at Southampton Airport in readiness for the course that ran on 1st December 2013