Children’s fear of flying course £375 (1 child + 1 adult)

Children have fears of flying too sometimes…
Many of us here are parents.  We thought how hard it would be for parents of children with a fear of flying to get proper help.  We wanted to do something proactive about it and started to accept accompanied young people onto our adult courses. However, we didn’t do this for long as we noticed how tiring it was for young people to be stuck with a roomful of adults all day!  Plus, it would cost two full places on our course (£534) So, we have put on something special just for children that is more affordable.

Main elements of the course:

      • 98% success rate to date
      • Ages 6-14
      • Six hour course rather than a whole day like the adult course
      • Cost of course £375 Including VAT for one Child full place and one ‘Fear-free’ Adult ( normal price would be £534)
      • Refreshments included
      • Light ‘theory’ session in own hotel conference room with a therapist, cabin crew and a pilot followed by short flight

Dear fwf,  “I have been meaning to contact you for some time to thank you once again for the course you ran for children.  I brought my son Elliot along and was very pleased with the way the morning was run. Following the day Elliot said that he would be ‘prepared to try flying.’ My husband booked a flight from Stansted to Glasgow for the two of them and this took place on September 12th. They went to watch Celtic play football which was an experience in itself, but for me waiting at home for news, it was brilliant to get a text from Elliot saying,‘Landed safely, I really enjoyed it, great views from 36,000ft.’ From what he said I think the flight obviously helped but the biggest factor for him was the information he got from the pilot, it all made sense to him and allayed the fears that he had accumulated. I thought it was great that all the children’s questions were dealt with honestly which can’t have been easy. I can only thank you all again and continue to recommend you to anyone who asks me about the course.”  Regards,  Paula Hawkins

Oscar attended the children’s course today and had a great time over all with just a little wobble at take off! Previously he had been petrified at the mere sight of a plane, now he says he is ready to fly again. The team involved were fantastic; Howard “Mind Man” did a fantastic job relating calming psychology techniques to an 8 year old; Adelle was able to answer all his questions to alleviate his worries, and again was able to put it in a way he could understand (he explained the idea of “lift” to his sister after the course); Janine’s support and reassurance throughout was invaluable – as we left the hotel, he said he was missing her!   Would recommend this to any parent, couldn’t be more impressed with how it went. Thank you all! Oscar’s Dad.

Children’s course is £375 for one child, one fear free adult, parking, refreshments and flights.


Run at same location as adult course but in a different room and with own dedicated staff.

Please note.  The children’s course is great and has had some great reviews. However, if you as the parent, have a fear of flying, please get your own fear cured first as there is a danger you could undo the good work your child achieves.  Also, please involve your young person in the decision.   We know that this sound obvious and it is not meant to be patronising, but if your child says that they don’t want to do it… please don’t book the course.  When, and only when, they say they really want to get over it the fear and want to join our course…then we would love to see them.