Executive/celebrity bespoke

Personalised executive/celebrity courses.

If you are the sort of person that wants something exclusive and completely tailored to your needs, just like Whoopi Goldberg did with us,  then we have the ‘one to one’ programme.  Whatever you want your programme to contain, or even wherever you want it to run, we can do it.  The 1-1 courses have been extremely successful as we spend a lot of time understanding you and your fears before we take a penny from you.  This very popular programme, as you would expect, costs a lot more than our group courses but the feedback suggests it is worth every penny.     Some of the elements that are offered in the 1-1 programme:

  • Before your course, we like to interview you fully to make sure we understand your needs and then can tailor the programme to your requirements.  We send back an outline for you to agree to before you commit to your course
  • You will be met by the Virgin Flying Without Fear team who will look after you for your tailored day. Often, the course starts at Virgin Atlantic HQ in Crawley although we can run the course in different parts of the UK, or even different countries if needed. (The bespoke celeb/exec course has a varied history of being run in UK and Overseas)
  • Intensive, tailored sessions with the team. We will make sure that you get the right amount of time with each person, depending on your needs. It is, after all, tailored to you specifically.
  • The price varies depending on what you want as it is totally your day.  We reserve the right to refuse offering this popular course to those that we do not think it suitable for.


  • There are no dates set for the 1-1 course as it is completely tailored around you first.  This is a very popular option for busy celebrities/executives and we do not accept everyone onto this programme.  If you are serious about the 1-1 programme, please email info@flyingwithoutfear.info and mark for the attention of Richard or Paul. The price of this programme is not disclosed as it takes a lot of time to organise the personalised elements and therefore we will cost the programme only when we know what is required.

Feedback from some of our exec/celebrity courses:

When Richard told me I was going to enjoy the 121 course I was annoyed with him. I had not flown for 30 years apart from a couple of recent flights. I didn’t want to fly and I was only doing the course to please my boyfriend. There was “No way” I was actually going to LA in the summer!  I had been on a group fear of flying course with another company and that had not helped – neither had hypnotherapy. I put this down to the fact that, in my heart, I didn’t want them to work. Richard called it intellectual resistance.  As soon as I entered Virgin HQ, I felt excited. It is a lovely bright modern building with a real buzz about the place. There were lots of happy smiling people which was infectious and I found myself smiling.
After coffee with the ‘team’ who would be looking after me for the day, we went to a quiet room. The day was completely tailored to my needs and the issues that concerned me. Gill the psychologist worked through something that had happenend to me as a child, unrelated to flying, but, which had had a profound effect on me and which was causing some of the anxiety around flying. I then had a 121 with Dom the pilot who went through the science behind how planes fly. I was able to ask him any question I wanted, the sort that you wouldn’t ask in a group because you would feel it was silly question.  I then had an opportunity to be shown around a mock up of the inside of a plane with a member of cabin crew. Gill was on-hand to make sure I felt comfortable and discuss how I was feeling. Walking through the plane was really helpful as I was able to experience being inside a plane without the stress of thinking it was going to take off.  After lunch I was able to “go up” in the flight deck of a flight simulator that they train and test pilots in. I hadn’t been looking forward to this bit at all as I hate fairground rides and anything “exciting”. It turned out to be the best part of the day and was great fun – yes  fun! I sat next to Dom and everything was like a real plane. Gill and the rest of the team sat behind me to make sure I was ok and talk me through how I was feeling etc. I had never experienced turbulance and was worried about what it would be like. They were able to simulate all levels of turbulence and Dom was able to explain what was happening and how safe the plane was. By the time we got to severe turbulence I was chatting to my team and hardly noticed the turbulence. We did a few take offs and landings and various weather conditions. They simulated fog and heavy rain and Dom demonstrated landing the plane which was very reassuring.
For me, being able to look out of the window and see and experience the noises and movement of the plane at the same time somehow, and I cant explain why, seemed to bring it all together so I didn’t feel anxious or frightened at all. Gill had said, imagine if you were a passenger in a car and you had a blanket over your head how different it would feel driving down the road.  By the end of the day I felt differently about flying. I resolved to at least open my mind to the possibility of flying to LA. Even thinking about it didnt make me anxious anymore.  I took two things away from the course:
1. If you had a coffee in a car or train you would have to have a lid on the cup otherwise it would spill but on a place you don’t need to because it is so smooth.
2. Take a bottle of water on the plane and use it like a spirit level. If you feel the plane is moving about look at the line of water and you will realise how little in fact it really is.
I went to LA this summer – my first time out of Europe – and had a fantastic holiday. The flight there and back was amazing. There was a little turbulence but I had my bottle of water to hand and I wasn’t anxious at all.  I have just flown twice in two days. The first was from Edinburgh to Manchester in a small plane. It wasn’t a great flight and there was quite a lot of turbulence. I didn’t enjoy the flight but I wasn’t frightened or anxious. The following day I flew from Manchester to Heathrow in an airbus. It was a lovely clear night and it was great looking at the lights of London as we came into land. The 1-2-1 course worked for me and I would recommend it to anyone.
My sincere thanks to Richard and Paul because without doing that 1 to 1 course a couple of years ago I would be still in the same boat (no pun intended).  I now have a house in Portugal which would have been impossible had I still not been able to fly. In short its opened up a whole new world quite literally and it didn’t break the bank.  Thanks again boys.   Mark Talbot
“I cannot recommend highly enough Virgin Atlantic’s 1-on-1 fear of flying course. I hadn’t taken a flight for nearly 20 years and felt that I need no pressure and no time constraints in order to work through my anxieties. To see behind the scenes at Virgin Atlantic’s HQ provided a great deal of reassurance, as did the ability to talk to a pilot for as long as I liked. The next step of taking a “Flying without Fear Course”  with Virgin was made much easier, as I knew the Virgin people, and was very comfortable with them. They really are dedicated to helping those of us who are nervous flyers get comfortable with boarding a plane. I went up in the short flight at the end of the regular “Flying without Fear”  course (which I did after my 1-on 1 course)  and then was able to undertake a 10 hour flight to the USA with my family. I can’t think of two people who I would rather have persuading me to fly than Richard and Paul. I would not have been able to take a flight without them, and their expertise. They have helped countless people like me to get over their fear, and I have no doubt that they will help countless more people in future.” Simon Bowden
“Virgin does this amazing program here in the UK . I was a sceptic. I hadn’t flown in 13 years but after doing their program, I understood that while my fear was real, there were many things I didn’t know or had misinformation about, which they were able to clear up. So what happened? The program works. I now fly. It’s that simple.” Whoopi Goldberg
Dear Mr Conway,
First of all I would like to say a thank you to you and everyone involved in the taking care of my client Mr Antony Reeves.  My client who has travelled the world with his work and now resides in New York could not have got back to JFK without you and your special assistance staff and fantastic cabin crew.  Over the last three year Mr Reeves has encountered 3 very distressing flights which sadly has left him with a massive anxiety and finds it almost impossible to fly. We brought him over for Christmas on a Canadian Cargo boat which took 8 days through  winter waters which eventually docked in Antwerp then back to  Waterloo on the eurostar , all to avoid flying. I was asked by Mr Reeves to book his return flight back to New York for Monday 16 January 2006 as he had to be back to work , my client has a very important position with a renowned Japanese bank. Mr Reeves fear of flying did not allow him even to enter the Terminal building so he turned around and went back to his home in London. I was surprised to hear from  him again and agreed to re book him on the last flight out of Heathrow with Virgin Atlantic this way there was no way out , he had to fly . That is when I found you and your fantastic service .  What I find so amazing is that you were willing to meet and assist Mr Reeves at such short notice and I do not know of a similar service that is offered by any other Airline. It was wonderful from the moment you called him and then met him at Heathrow , the staff at check-in were all aware of him and his situation. The Captain of the aircraft was there to greet him at the door and reassured him that his own family were on board and he would not put them at any risk which was very helpful to Mr Reeves. The cabin crew took every step to take care of Mr Reeves , they personally addressed him , sat with him , they gave him brandy when the flight hit turbulence , they advised him how long the turbulence would last. They could not have done more for him. This service just kept on going right through to New York and they even gave him 3 bottles of Champagne as a final gesture of kindness.  Mr Reeves will be continuing to keep up his Gold Card with Virgin and could not be more grateful to you and your fantastic team. As my client resides in New York maybe you could set up a similar service for the US market , I am sure you would be inundated with like minded people. Lastly thank you for helping me deliver the kind of service that American Express is proud of.   Mrs Joanne Miller