Make the most of your course

The Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear Programme

Since we started our fear of flying courses in 1997, we have learned a lot about fear of flying.  We are always keen to hear feedback and this page is a result of that feedback over the years.  This page is aimed to give you some tips to make sure that you make the most of your day with us.

First things first…

Beating a fear of flying is helped by using continued effort. In other words, you may have spent many years building and maintaining your fears of flying – how do you feel about putting the same time into getting rid of it?  Beating a fear is a process. Please use our course as part of your ‘battle’ to get rid of the fear as the many thousands of people just like you have done.   Please don’t put yourself under extra pressure to be ‘perfect’ when you join us for your course. It is normal to feel anxious before you join us…even just booking the course can make many people anxious.  If this is you, then you are normal.  Here are some ideas that previously nervous people, like you, have found  helped them.

Before your course

  • Consider staying overnight the day before or after your course. Once you get your booking confirmation, you can try the hotel as sometimes they give discounts for fear of flying course attendees.  It is an intense, enjoyable and sometimes exhausting day for anyone facing their fears.
  • Please think about what you bring with you on the day.  For instance, nail files, scissors, aerosols, cigarette lighters will generally need to be left at the hotel.  If we take those things to the airport, it slows us down going through security.  (not a problem to us but might frustrate you?)
  • All of our courses run to slightly different schedules. However, the structure of the day remains roughly the same.  Please click above on courses/adult premium course to see more.  Or scroll down and you will see a basic overview of the course structure below.
  • Write down any questions that you want to know about aviation, flying, safety etc etc and bring them with you.
  • Refrain from watching any programmes on TV about aviation or reading aviation stories in the papers…They just feed the fear and sometimes, they are not accurate.
  • If you have any questions at all about your course, just drop us an email or you can ask a question on the message board – there is a quick link on the right hand side of this website

During your course

All of the safety procedures that we talk about apply to all commercial aviation operating in the developed world. There is plenty of opportunity to ask anything that you want during the day and during breaks.  You will be seated in a table of approximately 10 people with a table team leader.

After your course

  • If you flying Virgin, you can let special assistance know that you have been on our course and would like the crew to know. Their number is 0844 412 4455.  Most large airlines offer a similar service by the way
  • If you have any questions whatsoever, please write to us or put a question on the message board.
  • Play the complementary relaxation CD, ideally every night, for two weeks before your flight.
  • Re-read the materials that we gave you at your course.
  • Help prepare yourself for the experience of flying comfortably by watching this clip and imagining yourself flying quite happily.
  • Take another flight within six months of attending our course. (ideally, although some people have literally flown the same day as our course. Others have flown a year later!)
  • If you hear or watch any media reports that worry you, then ask us a question on the ‘message board.’  We will answer it for you but it will also help others that regularly read the messages.
  • Never give up on yourself. You were not born with this fear, it is something that you learned at some point. It is never too late to learn something new.

Adult premium course basic structure

Start and finish times vary on every course.  However, the basic structure on the adult premium course remains roughly the same.

  • Arrivals and registration
  • Introductions from course founders
  • Pilot section
  • Cabin crew section
  • Psychology section
  • Accompanied and narrated flight
  • Optional question and answer session back in hotel

Ground course basic structure

0845  Arrive & registration. Coffee, tea and biscuits
0900  Introduction course founders
0920  Pilot session initial input
1020   Break with refreshments
1040   Psycho-educational session
1140   Question time
1215   Close