The adult premium fear of flying course £267

The adult full day fear of flying course

In November 1997, we set up to help you with a few simple aims that we have stuck with ever since – no matter how big the course is run.

Our Aims

  • To give you back choices of how you travel
  • To only use staff that are vetted and enthusiastic volunteers
  • To keep the staff ratio high so that our courses feel as friendly and as welcoming as when we started with just 8 delegates on 1st  Nov 1997
  • To treat you as adults who are professional, capable people that just happen to have fears/phobias
  • To give you honest facts about flying safety
  • To give you tried and tested psychological techniques and approaches
  • To make sure that everyone feels well looked after to when they are with us hence proper food and refreshments always
  • To make your day fun as well as informative

From the moment you arrive, you are greeted in the warm and friendly manner you have come to expect from Virgin Atlantic.  We will sign you in and make sure that you have coffee and refreshments, while you wait for your course to start.  This is a great chance to talk to other people with a fear of flying, just like you.  Also, we have at least a 1:8 staff ratio so there will be plenty of us to talk to and support you.

Peter and Janet Higgins


We start promptly with an introduction from the Course Directors and Founders.  Paul and Richard attend every course to make sure everything goes to plan for your day.  We then ask you to tell us the things that you’d like to know, in your tables of ten people.  Your table team leader will write down all of your questions ready to be collected in.  These questions are then pooled together and given to your speakers for the rest of the day which is how we know what to cover during the course.  This makes every course unique as people have different reasons for their fears.

Richard Conway

Our current Virgin Atlantic pilots take the lion’s share of the first half of the course.  They are extremely knowledgeable, empathetic and highly trained.  This is your chance to hear the real facts from real experts.  This session is to give you knowledge.  With knowledge you gain understanding and therefore, feel that you have control.  When you understand something it no longer has control over you.

Some of the topics covered during the pilot’s talk:

  • How an aircraft flies
  • How such a heavy thing stays up there!
  • Why Turbulence is totally safe
  • What the pilots are trained in
  • What the pilots would do if there was an engine failure
  • What all the noises are on board
  • Stages of the flight with full explanation of noises and movement
  • What are the airlines doing about Terrorism
  • Why nothing is ever left to chance

Our course is not run in a ‘chalk and talk’ style manner.  It’s open, friendly and you’ll find it’s peppered with questions from you, which the pilots willingly answer.

SFO Adelle Roberts

Our Senior Safety trainers run a short session on what the Cabin Crew are trained in. Amongst other things, they will talk about why, despite aircraft being so safe, there is always a safety briefing, how highly trained they are for anything medical, and what can be done to make you feel more comfortable onboard.  This session was created as a result of customer feedback over the years. They wanted to know what are the crew actually trained in.  Our speaker will take you through all the different parts of the training and which parts are the same and which are different between airlines.  You will be amazed at how much the cabin crew have to know about flight safety procedures, medical emergencies, restraint techniques, human factors, security…


Psycho-educational section

The next session is led by Paul Tizzard Co-Founder and/or one of a select few psychologists/therapists and covers:

  • How fear is learned
  • How to recognise your current fear patterns
  • Techniques/tools/ideas from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Thought Field Therapy and Mindfulness to help you interrupt the old fear patterns and re-train yourself to think and feel differently about flying

He/she will take you through some practical strategies to help you with your fear of flying phobia, claustrophobia and any other flying related fears that you may have.  We use between 10-15 different psychological techniques and tips as we know it is important to offer a range of different tools and ideas.  This means that you can find the 1 or 2 best techniques that work for you.  We have not listed everything we do on the course as we are always on the look out for different techniques and ideas – basically, if it helps nervous flyers, we will introduce it.

Straight from the psych-educational sessions, we head out to take our short flight.  The aircraft will be a commercial jet that can operate from the airport that your course is run from. These will be a mixture of Virgin and third party partners.  (we want you to feel confident flying with anyone within the developed world and every airline in the UK operates to same safety standards)   This part of the day gives you a chance to ‘update’ yourself about the flying experience.  You will be amazed at how different you are going to feel.  We will be with you all of the day including the flight.  With plenty of staff around, support is never far away if you need it.  During the flight, one of the pilots will give you a full commentary of what is happening at every stage of the flight.  Every noise and every movement will be fully explained.  This is how you ‘update’ yourself. In actual time, you can decide once and for all, ‘Do I rely on the weird feelings in my stomach or what the professional pilot has just told me over the commentary?!’  Remember with knowledge, you gain understanding and therefore feel that you have control.  In fact, you will know so much about aircraft noises and movement that you will be able help other nervous passengers in the future or indeed bore everyone you know!

This is also the part of the course where you can bring a friend or companion with you for support.  This is the ‘flight only’ option costing £100 + VAT which you can book direct through the office on 01423-714900.

We have a 98+% success rate with our courses.  This is measured in two ways.  One is the number of people that board the aircraft.  The second measure is that we use evaluation forms for our clients to self-monitor how they feel before the course about flying and then again at the end.  We look for a shift in ‘how they feel.’  We have measured this many many times and consistently we are around the 98% – sometimes a 100%*.

* This measure we keep records of and we pick half the courses at random per year to assess – the team never know which course will be evaluated until the day.

Course End

After your flight, we return to the conference room for our closing session and to see if there are any further questions that you would like answered.  We give out certificates endorsed by Richard Branson and signed by your table team leader.  We also give you a free CD and booklet that previous clients have been known to take on all future flights with them.  We don’t leave until you are happy and have any further questions answered.


We always serve a hot meal and frequent refreshment breaks because we know it is important that your needs are catered for whilst in our care. This goes a long way to helping you feel relaxed and secure enough to get the full benefit of our expert team.

Other support:

  1. Before you take your flight, phone Special Assistance (0844 412 4455)  to let Virgin know that you are flying.  Most airlines offer a similar service too.
  2. We have a message board that we encourage you to fill in and with your questions or feedback.
  3. We have a quality content, free blog which you can subscribe to from our website.  We answer questions and write articles based on what we think will be useful to you.

Dates and Prices

Course Dates

If you would like us to add you to the waiting list to be contacted as soon as new course dates/locations are released, please click here.


The price is only £267 inc VAT. We are good value…during our full day course, you get your free CD & booklet worth £30, hot meal, regular refreshments throughout the day and insurances included. We don’t charge extra for booking by debit or credit card.  N.B.  The children’s course costs £375 inc VAT for the child, fear free adult, refreshments and flights.

Bring a companion?  If you would like someone to accompany you for the flight part of the course, please call us on 01423 714900 to book. Cost £100 + VAT

PS Why not come along and find out why the Financial Times said “Virgin’s Flying Without Fear day could be the best gift you gave anyone.”


  • give FREE insurance, FREE booklet and FREE CD (together worth £30), 2000 FREE Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles**, NO credit card fees
  • give you an unforgettable full day course
  • only use CURRENT Virgin Atlantic pilots
  • offer you a UNIQUE training method, which includes sitting in small groups of 8 – 10 people with a DEDICATED TEAM LEADER / cabin crew trainer. This way you will feel fully supported and your individual needs addressed. We find that our small groups bond and support each other throughout the day to help you overcome your fear of flying (We could line you up theatre style by yourselves like other courses, however, even though it would be cheaper, we know that isn’t comfortable and so we don’t do it.)  Both founders of this programme have a strong training background and this knowledge is applied throughout the programme.
  • only use large commercial jet aircraft, such as those you’d travel by to go on holiday. (We do not use propeller driven aircraft as we know that those who attend our courses only want us to use jet engined, commercial aircraft.  By the way, propeller aircraft are safe as well, however, our customers prefer to gain their confidence in jet aircraft.)
  • are the only course who can show you Independent feedback direct from past course attendees on our ‘Message Board’
  • serve a hot meal (We could also just serve you a sandwich, but it’s not the Virgin way!  We go for maximum support and maximum comfort.)
  • support you in your time of need.  Rarely, but on occasion, someone decides that they don’t want to fly on that specific day.  (We won’t leave them at the airport by themselves.)
  • hold a question & answer session at the end of the course and we don’t leave until everyone has all their questions answered. (We always have a course close rather than leaving you at the airport.)
  • We understand that a few people will make a decision on which course to attend, by timing and location.  There are others out there, but none who do what we do and offer you our package.

Why not ask others if they offer what we do?

** Flying club miles need to be claimed within six months of attending your course with us